Brewfest beer mat

Oxhey Village Brewfest 2019

Saturday 13th April 12pm-11pm

Competition Prize Winners!

These are the remaining winning raffle tickets.

Take your matching ticket to the Rifle to collect your prize. Please note that the fruit and veg baskets will be distributed by Friday 19th April to avoid wasted if not collected by then.

Exotic flower: Pale Blue 187 (coded AO....)
Malbec wine: Orange 288
Malbec wine: Blue 408 (coded AB...)
Malbec Wine: Pale Blue 211 (coded AO...)
Bottle of wine: Blue 384 (coded AB...)
Fruit basket: Blue 369 (coded AB...)
Veg basket: Pale Blue 62 (coded AO...)
Hair cut: Orange 223

Aromatherapy basket: Pale Blue 191 (coded AO...)
Tesco voucher: Orange 254
Bakery voucher: Blue 382 (coded AB...)
Curry at the Rifle: Blue 98 (coded AB...)
Curry at the Rifle: Orange 205
Curry at the Rifle: Orange 310
Lunch at the Villiers Coffee House: Orange 290
Exotic plant: Pale Blue 386 (coded AO...)
Easter egg: Blue 409 (coded AB...)
Champagne: Blue 422 (coded AB...)
Bottle of beer: Pale Blue 57 (coded AO...)
Bottle of beer: Orange 250
Bottle of beer: Pale Blue 141 (coded AO...)
Chocolates: Blue 260 (coded AB...)
Orchid: Pale Blue 64 (coded AO...)
Mulled wine: Pale Blue 70 (coded AO...)

Welcome to BrewFest 2019! 🍻

Our beer festival is a celebration of ales and village spirit. It’s a family friendly event and a brilliant opportunity to connect with friends and neighbours in your local.

2019 is BrewFest’s third year, and we’ll be hoping to present up to 15 different beers selected from Oxhey Village, Watford, Hertfordshire and a few from further afield.

Once again we’ll be based at The Rifle Volunteer and The Villiers Arms pubs on Villiers Road in the heart of Oxhey Village - just a 2-minute walk from Bushey Railway Station.

Expect a warm welcome, tasting notes, a fabulous charity raffle in aid of Peace Hospice Care, live music, karaoke, fresh hand-crafted pizza and plenty of fairly priced beer. Cheers!

Ale tasting 🍺 Fresh Hot Pizza 🍕 Live music 🎷 Karaoke 🎤 Raffle

Supporting Peace Hospice Care

At The Rifle Volunteer and
The Villers Arms

Fresh hot pizza by
The Village Kitchen ·

The Beers 🍺

Tring Brewery
Pale Four 4.6%
Sidesaddle 4.1%
Mansion Mild 3.7%
Colleys Dog 5.2%
Moon Gazing 4.2%

Rebellion Brewery
Dive Bomb 4.2%
Zebedee 4.7%
Amber 4.3%
Roasted Nuts 4.6%

Tiger Hill 4.0%
Beardtongue 4.5%

Beam Me Up Scotty 4.0%
Black Swan 3.9%

Mad Squirrel
Hopfest 3.8%
Illuminate 4.5%

The 3 Brewers
Blonde 4.2%

Oxhey Village Brewery
Session 3.8%

Plus: Landlord, Sidepocket for a Toad, Smuggler, Doom Bar and Courage

The Raffle Prizes 🏆

Latakkia - romantic meal for two with drinks/wine
Saffron Alice - lady’s silver heart necklace
Villiers Coffee House - lunch for two
Angels Beauty - £20 beauty treatment
The Village Kitchen - curry for two
Rich Wines - wine & beer
JP Pharmacy - aromatherapy basket
The Barber’s Yard - haircut
Newsbit - Easter chocolate
Cost Cutter - beer & chocolate
Lovedays - 5 big cakes
Rifle - beer & wine
Villiers Arms - beer & wine
Oxhey Village Brewery - ale
Mod Pizza - 4 pizzas & sodas
Tesco - £10 voucher
plus more to be announced!

Winning tickets will be announced on this website after the draw at 7pm on 13 April. Prizes will be available for collection for 2 weeks from the Rifle.

Tickets will be on sale on the day of the festival priced at £2 each or £8 for a strip of 5. All proceeds will go to Peace Hospice Care.